Cause And Effect Of Drug Abuse

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Drugs Abuse Introduction In this Digital Age, we have undoubtedly moved into an era where the fields of medical research play one of the most important roles in maintaining the balance of the world today. Mankind had successfully created a huge number of drugs to aid in medicinal fields. A drug is a chemical that influences biological function other than providing nutrition or dehydration which may come from plants and laboratories (Kleiman, Caulkins & Hawken, 2011) However, problems arise when these drugs are intentionally abused to satisfy unjust desires. A drug’s effect can be benign or harmful, often depending on the dose. According to Simon Wills (2005), whether we approve of drug abuse wholly, selectively or not at all, it has been in…show more content…
In a research The Effects of Drugs on the Human Nervous System (Madras & Kuhar, 2013), it states that the past two centuries have witness an exponential rise in drugs use and corresponding increase in associated consequences. The 20th century have come close to global marketing of drugs and a consumption of an array of psychoactive drugs and synthetic ‘designer’ drugs. The major abused drugs may include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, etc. While drugs generally have different effects on the human body, but they have similar addictive effects on a human…show more content…
Substances such as cocaine, heroin, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis), and methamphetamine are known to cause severe addiction. The effects of drugs on a human health and psychology may come in many forms. Cocaine and methamphetamine can cause nerve cells to overproduce natural neurotransmitter or prevent the natural cycling of the brain hormones, typically dopamine. As such, this may create an unusual behaviour in the brain reward system which may cause the ability of the user to halt the drug used is compromised. The user is said to be addicted and the ability to make voluntary choices is being compromised resulting in taking drugs as a psychological and physical need. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis) or more widely known as marijuana, if used in an extensive approach may post several illness to the user. This includes asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, hepatic disease, hypertension, immunity impairment and renal disease (Wills,
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