Drug Abuse In Jeff's Book Cooked

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Jeff was just an ordinary inner-city black kid until dealing drugs turned his life into a living nightmare. Before getting busted by federal agents, Jeff could easily make up to $35,000 a week by cooking and dealing out cocaine. After being caught, his life would be completely different. Having to serve twenty years in jail, losing his family, being confused in his faith, and trying to keep his head straight are all issues that he faces within his book Cooked. Jeff always had a hard time staying out of trouble, especially when it came to gaining money or having fun. He was taught to steal at a young age by those closest to him. Jeff first started selling drugs when he met a guy by the name of T-Row who lived close to his moms’ house. At first T-Row was having Jeff clean his car and doing small…show more content…
He had all the connections he needed. He could easily bring in $35,000 a week. He was rich in many ways; cars, family, money, customers. Until Jeff was found guilty of a crime, arrested and convicted for drug trafficking. While in jail Jeff deals with scapegoating a lot while serving his time in prison. He kept wanting to blame others for his mistakes, and why he ended up in jail. Mainly, he wanted to put all of the blame on Jesus. He then dealt with issues of questioning his faith and went on to better himself and his understanding of faith and the different types. He also had to deal with the loss of his wife, in whom he had been married to for only a year. After eighteen months of being incarcerated, Jeff found his calling of being a cook by beginning on the pot and pan crew in the kitchen. Not long after he joined the crew he was able to work his way up and become the sue chef of a different prison. Although things started looking for the best, every good thing has a down fall. Losing his job and not being able to help support his growing family. What happens after Jeff loses his job is shocking and not
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