Drug Abuse In Malaysia Literature Review

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Introduction 1.1 The Purpose of the Report The purpose of this report is to study the problem of drug abuse in Malaysia. This report will focus on the following research questions:  What are the causes of drug abuse?  What are the effects of drug abuse?  What are the different drug addiction treatments available?  Are the drug addiction treatments effective? 1.2 Background Information According to the article, Drugs and health (2014), drugs have been classified into two categories which are legal drugs and illegal drugs. Legal drugs are drugs that are suitable to the patients by the doctors while illegal drugs are drugs that are banned by the law. It contains dangerous chemical substances and cause physical problem to the drug takers.…show more content…
Drug abuse continues to be a major problem in Malaysia. The key areas that will be focused on in this literature review is the causes of drug abuse, the effects of drug abuse, the drug addiction treatments that are available and its effectiveness. 2.2 Causes of Drug Abuse One of the social factors of drug abuse is peer pressure. According to the article, Statistics on peer pressure (2016), only 10 per cent of teenagers are not influence by wrong peer pressure. Peer group can easily influence the people around them (Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse 2016). According to the article, The peer pressure effect on teen substance abuse (2015), when a friend who first uses drug, he or she will definitely offers the drug to their friends. Due to their curiosity, their friends will have a try on it. Next, family factors cause many teenagers to take drugs (Yule et al. 2011). Meghan et al. (2016) identified that children have less parent supervision; therefore their children have higher chances on using drugs. Vanessa et al. (2011) states that teenagers who live with one parent family is more emotional, have negative behaviour, have less communication with family and take drugs to release their stress. Amiri Mehdi et al. (2016) explains that teenagers use drug due to countless factors, not only social, family and individual factors. In conclusion, teenager uses drugs when their…show more content…
This treatment is designed to control the serious and potential dangerous physiological effects of preventing drug use. However, according to the article, Understanding drug abuse and addiction: what science says (2016), medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by using this; it doesn’t really help in long-term drug use. Although it is insufficient to help addicts to achieve long-tern abstinence, and for some individuals, it is an effective drug addiction

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