Drug Abuse In Sikkim

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Research Questions:
At present, the state of Sikkim has witnessed a large scale change in its socio-economic and political conditions over the years and this has had led a debilitating impact on the life of the individuals. The macro-level changes in the state have had an adverse effect on the micro-level of the individuals and the family, its values and world view. The following research questions are designed to arrive at clear picture of the presence of Drug abuse and its threat in the study area.
• Is drug abuse in Sikkim due to the ever increasing modernity and modernizations?
• Have the social changes affected the behaviours of individuals and thereby drug abuse?
• Is there any relationship between the breakage of societal bonds and solidarity
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Sikkim’s union with India has brought about a lot of changes in the socio-economic and the political arena of Sikkim. There has been democratic political system in places leading to the consciousness among the peoples about fundamental rights and duties. Sikkim has entered the field of modernization and urbanization and has developed heterogeneous forms of cultural value systems. Rapid urbanization in different parts of Sikkim has lead to traditional boundaries being cut and has given new socio-economic pattern to the people. That has lead to the movement of the people, in and out of the state looking to achieve their goals. It is distinctly noticed that cosmopolitan social cultural environment has emerged in the…show more content…
There is unpredicted growth of privatization in the country and that has brought new challenges. The economy has dominated every aspect of the social life and that has led to cultural lag in the society. Increasing socio-economic transformation in India has led to changes in all parts of it. There is a growing number of infra-structural developments in the state which led people of Sikkim to interact with the outside world and approach to new technology. These changes in the socio-economic structure of the society have also affected the behavioral pattern at the individual level and the age-old traditional value system of the state. One of the most pertinent changes visible among the people of Sikkim is drug abuse among the youngsters and its interrelation with modern values. There are several level of influence to adolescents drug use, including individual factors, family processes, culture, schools, colleges, communities and society.[ DiCkente Ralph j. Santelli john S., Crosby Richard A.; ‘Adolescents Health understanding and preventing Risk behaviours’
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