Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is a universal issue with harmful effects on human wellbeing, assets and safety of nations (UNODC, 2010). In AJ&K drug addiction is considered as crime, because drug abuse negatively influence fitness and wellbeing of individuals and also cause depressing psychological impact to their families. Heroine, tobacco and opium are in general the most regularly used drugs among AJ&K youth. These drugs are very popular among youngsters because of their quick and easy availability to them. While substance misuse is widespread in AJ&K, it is significant to recognize the extent of their use between sub populations and search the efficient ways to fight them.

Drug abuse is the problem which has been neglected in AJ&K, the lack of attention by family and the society are the factors that may contribute to drug dependency. From the last few decades, the drastic developing change of people particularly youth for better life opportunities from one spot to others, occupied way of life, more noteworthy yearning for riches, collaboration with mobile phones innovation, appended with online networking like twitter, face book, western style training framework, individuals making tracks in an opposite direction from religious standards, family framework and relentless selection of western way of life by new era are a portion of the real reasons which has gotten changes our general public.
Drug addiction is defined as the utilization of substances through any type of
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