Drug Addiction Functionalism

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Drug Addiction itself affects almost every family in the United States almost Drug Addiction is it indeed a disease or a choice? Many state authority figures say it's a choice, not a condition much of science says it's a choice disease, both in a sense are correct, this paper will outline both aspects and possibly give new insight to you, the reader. However, it may back up what the reader believes to be right in the first place. The history of drug use is almost as old as humankind itself. However, the drug abuse only qualifies as an issue because of the problem of control.
The access to controlled substances is difficult they are illegal, and use is regulated. That means users of these substances have to go through unlawful means to these
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These many parts of the community only tell drug users the positive effects that drugs have and leave out many of the negatives. For those who sell and manufacturer drugs giving them in many cases income that is under the table and untaxed. Addiction and drug use is big business for the federal and state governments creating jobs from police to the DEA. “The fact is all drugs can contribute to dysfunctions in society.” The Functionalist theory needs to develop social stability within society and its wellbeing to preserve the culture. That is why drugs generate such controversy among the citizens (University of Minnesota Libraries 2016 &…show more content…
Example, the penalties for crack before 2008 where much harsher on those found guilty of crack even though, gram for gram powder cocaine, is pharmacologically identical. However, at the time people that use crack at the time were primarily poor black Americans in inner cities. Cocaine users at the time were whites, that lived in the suburbs and where at the time the upper class in society. According to Manuela, 2003 “other evidence for this argument of conflict theory in the history of the illegality of opium, cocaine, and marijuana. Chinese immigrants for opium, prejudice against African Americans for cocaine and prejudice against Mexican Americans for marijuana” and Block, J. F.2013 backs up this with laws and
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