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Mental Health-one of the most neglected spheres of health yet one that is capable of causing colossal detriment to the wellbeing of an individual or a community when impeded with. On a global level, it is not given the same importance and solemnity as physical health despite its huge contribution to the overall prosperity of an individual. A disruption in mental health could range anywhere from simple stress to deleterious disorders like schizophrenia and split personalities but regardless of their degree of seriousness, they all negatively impact the physical health. Not only could an individual suffering from mental disorder harm oneself but also potentially inflict damage on others. Another facet of mental illness is drug use and addiction.…show more content…
Among the outpatients, 34% had schizophrenia, 25.1% had mood disorders, 16.7% had neuroses and 1.8% had alcohol and drug use disorders and among inpatients 65.2% had schizophrenia, 11.9% had mood disorders, 2.5% had neuroses and 5.1% had alcohol and drug use disorders. Morocco currently houses 27 public facilities for the treatment of mental illness, 16 hospitals with a psychiatric ward, 6 specialized psychiatric hospitals, and one child psychiatric ward affiliated to the University Hospital Centre. The legislation on mental health contrived by the Dahir 1-58-295 which is the highest form of legislation in Morocco was formulated as early as 1959 after acknowledging the importance of mental health. The legislation directs the state to prevent mental illness, protect patients, create the Central Service for Mental Health and Degenerative Diseases and the Mental Health Committee. In 1972, a mental health policy was developed with the principle of “Promotion, Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation”. Decentralization of the country’s mental health resources and integration of big urban centers into Etablissements de Soins de Santé de Base (regional community wards) to make healthcare accessible to everyone was a component of this policy. The mental health programme has been revised several…show more content…
First, allotting 50% of the total budget for health to improve the mental health of the Moroccan population by building more mental health centers and wards, procuring better treatment techniques and setting up of state of the art research labs to obtain more knowledge on mental illnesses. Second, training and employing more physiatrists, nurses and research specialists. Third, setting up of physiatric centers in remote areas to increase accessibility. Fourth, developing programmes specifically for prison inmates. Fifth, formulating better and stronger laws against drug trafficking and production. Sixth, starting a national awareness-raising campaign in all governmental, educational and work institutions. Seventh, renovate existing psychiatric wards and centers to equip the latest technology and facilities. Eight, ensuring that no human rights are violated in treatment centers and hospitals by holding regular inspections of these sites by the Human Rights

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