Drug Addiction In Teenagers

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Drug Addiction in Teenagers
The addiction to drugs is a problem of current society in which we live, bearing in mind that the pace of life entered the consumerism involves the curiosity of the human being to discover new experiences, emotions and sensations with the intention of evading the dissatisfaction, stress and anxiety.
In this search to the satisfaction, the individual is usually located in front of the sale and consumption of psychoactive substances, adding because the false effect of security and euphoria that generates in the individuals with a vulnerable personality.
The acquisitive modality is usually related to the environment in which the individual carries out its development and social interaction and affective next to the
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Usually these problems in Childs are given in those who come from homes destroyed, bad parents, and in the case of the dissemination of the biological parents guardians irresponsible.
The teenagers often resort in the consumption of drugs such as marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms, due to their emotional changes and the search of the personality are often contradictory, regardless of the sex that possess.
In cases of concern to the interaction of urban tribes and groups such as gangs are often a factor of risk because that in these circumstances the adolescent can delimit their conduct not to be productive, by another both has also been reported the use of antidepressant drugs which are acquired of dubious provenance, and in case of being prescribed, the bad administering them by promoting the drug dependency.

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