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Addiction in America Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of addiction in America, and how addiction effects users, and Americans. Central Idea: Addiction has components that influence the behavior in addicts, there are scientific reasoning, warning signs, and treatment alternatives. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse about half of Americans have a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance who is addicted to drugs. I. The definition of drug abuse is the compulsive use of drugs, to where the user has no effective choice but to continue. II. A person who becomes enslaved in these addictions, can lose their livelihoods, friends, family, possessions, and their own lives. A. In the U.S, in 2003, approximately 2 million…show more content…
Addiction is not only a problem for the user, but for the friends, family, and the entire country who contributes tax dollars that pay for criminals rehabilitation, and the clean up involved with the crimes they committed, to obtain the drugs they need. III. Why does a user go to outstanding situations to seek these substances? A. Addiction generally refers to the situation where drug use appears to control the users behavior. B. Drugs become the number one priority of the user, and the other priorities are neglected. C. Addiction compared to other behaviors has a intense motivational drive to get the drug. 1. Many factors influence drug addiction, such as personality, characteristics, peer pressure, and psychological stress. IV. Drug addiction varies from person to person, from drug to drug. A. Drugs such as cocaine and heroin can addict their users after a few uses, and in rare cases the first hit. B. Drugs such as codeine and alcohol require more uses to addict their users. C. A person who is predisposed hereditarily, by the influence of their parents addiction, is more likely to become and addict then a person who is not genetically predisposed. V. Drug addiction has two components. A. Physical Addiction 1. When the body becomes accustomed to the effects of the particular drug. B. Psychological…show more content…
Another is once the high wears off, the user becomes sober, and he is left feeling depressed and dissatisfied, and finds it difficult to find pleasure in activities he had once enjoyed before. IX. There are different type of treatments available for different types of situations. A. There are Residential Rehabs. 1. They last approximately for 30 days. B. Detoxification, either at a hospital or another facility. C. Ambulory, out patient, receiving treatment a few hours a day. D. There is the 12 Step Program, known as Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous. 1. This recovery program is a fellowship primarily found in the U.S and Canada. In conclusion, understanding addiction is crucial aspect when it comes to prevention, treatment, and recovery. Many people of every type, are greatly effected by the impact of drug abuse. It’s ever bodies problem. Some may believe those who deal with an addiction, or a family members addiction, may be horrible people, liars, and criminals. Ultimately, the understanding, we will realize the physical, psychological, and scientific reasoning that motivates a user to use. Addiction is a disease……a preventable disease. There is always hope for an addict, and if we were to all be open minded and truthful we could maybe save them. Which saves America as a

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