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Drug addiction is a serious problem in our society today. Drug addiction is normally characterized by very intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. Drug addicts cannot do without drugs. They have to consume drug so that they can feel better. Drug addiction is a serious mental health illness that is plaguing individuals from all walks of life. Some people normally believe that addictive behavior is as a result of genetic predisposition to become a drug addict. Others believe that a chaotic upbringing could be the root cause of this menace. However, researchers in psychology say that the cause of drug addiction could be as a result of the combination of the two. A genetic predisposition to addictive behavior coupled with environmental factors…show more content…
It normally disrupts many aspects in the addict’s life. Treatment of drug addiction is not simple. This is because the addict must be willing to change his behavior. He or she has to refrain from taking the drug that he or she was addicted to. Effective treatment programs usually incorporate different components. Each component is directed to particular aspects of this illness. Since drug addiction is a chronic disease, many people cannot stop using drugs unless they have proper treatment. Most patients require long-term treatment in order to achieve and sustain abstinence from drugs. The following are the common types of drug addiction treatment:
1. Residential treatment.
This type of treatment is normally effective especially for patients with severe issues. Depending on the severity of your case, it may not be enough for you to simply attend regular counselling sessions. Sometimes you need someone who can intervene in your life and help you take control of a situation that is beyond your control. Some of the activities involved in this treatment include: Bible study and devotions, individual and group counseling, relapse prevention and so on.
2. Behavioral
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It helps the patient to modify his or her behavior and attitudes related to their drug abuse to increase their chances of a healthier lifestyle. Treatments for drug addiction can be delivered through different settings with different behavioral approaches. Most programs involve individual and even group counseling sessions. Some programs offer other types of behavioral treatments such as:
1. Cognitive behavioral therapy.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective means of coping with mental health issues such as depression, repetitive thoughts, anxiety and so on. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the idea that out thoughts, emotions and behavior are intertwined. In this case, this therapy seeks to help different patients recognize, cope and avoid the situations where they are more likely to abuse drugs.
2. Multidimensional family therapy.
Adolescents also face the problem of drug addiction. This is the reason why this therapy was developed. This therapy is very vital to those adolescents who come from families that address a wide range of influences with the drug abuse patterns. It is basically designed to improve your overall family functioning as

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