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Drug addiction problem is increasing in our society ,its deadly disease ,its the reason for most of our deaths. Drugs is around us , everywhere , it have been a part of our life .In the 1960s by broad communications and music, they attack all parts of society. An expected 208 million individuals globally expend illegal drugs.
In the United States, National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2007 , demonstrated that 19.9 million Americans(or 8% of the population aged 12 or order ) utilised illegal drugs in the month preceding. Drug addictions stops people from reaching their dreams and goals in life. it kills their dreams and future. drugs addiction lead to harm the body, mind and soul. it also cause problems with family structure and friends. well
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when life drops down , you have nothing left that keeps you up. people around you cant cooperate with your mood and lifestyle and you are left alone with no friends no family no close people. Addiction can take over a persons entire life. Nothing else matters because he didn't find himself. what is the difference between drug abuse and addiction ?
Drug abuse: They have habit of taking a drug to get high or to feel better, they take a lot off amount, they take drugs for recreation. he's making a choice to get high.
Drug addiction: when their choice in the matter is either severely limited or taken away entirely, their is no choice because its a must like food to survive, when nothing than the drugs matters
Drug addiction its a disease of the spirit, mind and body
We should set up one critical purpose of understanding the drug disease .we are soul, spirit and body, and because of that drug addiction its much an infection to the soul as it is of the body and brain. Dissimilar to other ceaseless infections, similar to diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, the spiritual part of drug addiction will play a main part in a persons

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