Drug Addiction: The Causes Of Substance Abuse

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Drug abuse is the habitual use of substances in dangerous amounts or even methods that may bring harm to the user of the substances (World Health Organization, 2009). The substances commonly used are psychoactive substances which can easily lead to a dependency problem by the substance user. Drug abuse is a sociological threat that poses a danger to all people especially the youth. Addiction is possible not only with illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but also with prescription drugs such as oxycodone. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, the United States government loses about $700 billion every year due to crimes caused by people under the influence of drugs, medical costs, and addicted workers. (NIDA, n.d.). Substance abuse…show more content…
According to this theory, people become abusers when labeled such by the people around them. For example, methamphetamine users are labeled as addicts while cocaine users are considered recreational users even though the two substances are similar in nature. (Charmaz and Belgrave, 2013) People interpret the drugs differently and this interpretation determines the label. Causes of substance abuse While there are many reasons given by those who abuse substances, youth are typically responding to curiosity and/or peer pressure. (Abuse, 2012) Youth and adults may continue to use drugs to calm themselves or as a means of staying awake. Genetics also come in to play in cases of addictions as researchers have identified genes that can make a person more susceptible to substance abuse. Along with having a genetic propensity toward addiction, many children of addicts grow up with drug use being the normal behavior of their role models increasing their potential of becoming substance abusers as well. Prescription, conventional drugs and, Over the Counter…show more content…
Prevention is known to be the surest way of maintaining a society free of drug abusers. Substance abuse is, therefore, preventable. Research has proven that running preventive programs in institutions such as schools, media coverage and societal levels can lead to reduced drug use levels ("Preventing Drug Abuse: The Best Strategy | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)," n.d.) . Although cultural trends have affected the way drugs are utilized in the present day society advocating the wrong side effects of the drugs will lead to reduced cases of substance abuse. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure proper sensitization of the harmful effects of drugs is done to prevent and control the use and abuse of medications in our present day societies. Both teachers, parents and health care practitioners should unite and ensure that proper awareness is made to the community concerning the unhealthy effects of drug
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