Drug-Assisted Suicide Case Study Essay

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The inevitable fact that addiction is a harmful disease and the recovery process is lifelong that consists of various stages of relapse raises a serious question. What is the duty of an addict in the jurisdiction towards the society? In the light of the legal standard, patient who is competent and incompetent is evaluated through the relevant questions of his or her desires at the present time, a living will, and the legal capability of forming a will. Furthermore, drug-addicts may be currently not competent but were formerly competent, and to explore the variable of declaration of the desires with regard to extraordinary means of treatment, is necessary (Harris, 2008, p. 244).
The organization known as Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity
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What will be the affect on society in exploiting the vulnerability and desperation of a drug-addict? What happens to those patients who are not seeking permanent birth control as a means of preventing reproduction but for the cash, $200? In the circumstances, who is liable for the damages should the procedure fail the purpose of birth control?
As according to the case of Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), and Mr. Justice Homes affirmed to “prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind”, and the court would promote the best interests of the individual by means of detailed procedural requirements and would not sterilize individuals or groups for the supposed “good of society” (Harris, 2008, p. 266). With due respect, it is illegal to promote long-term or permanent birth control to the specific groups or individuals for the supposed good of society.
In another context, it is illegal to perform any treatment on the patient without the legal doctrine of the informed consent. The state has an interest in protecting a minor from an inappropriate sterilization and may require court approval (Harris, 2008, p.
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