Drug Ice In Australia

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Drugs are chemical substances that can be used by many people to feel delighted, excited and relaxed. Those drugs may have a dangerous effect on individual’s lives. Ice is considered as one of the most destructive and powerful stimulant drug in Australia. Many Australians are addicted to this drug, which affects Australia socially and economically (Taylor, Brownstein, Mulcahy, Fernandes-Huessy, Woods & Hafford, 2011, p. 319). This essay will discuss the main problems of the drug ice in Australia and suggest possible solutions to decrease its effects socially and economically. The first section of this essay will focus on the main economic problems of the drug ice, including drug market stability and retail market competition. Then, it will…show more content…
Australians who are addicted to the drug ice cannot be treated easily in Australia due to lack of effective treatment options. In addition, hospitals that provide treatment for addicted individuals are not specialized in the treatment of ice addiction (Mcketin et al., 2013, pp. 80-81). Therefore, the Australian government must provide adequate medical centres to treat ice-addicted people (Mcketin et al., 2013, pp. 80-81). Mcketin & Kelly (2007, p. 165) stat that family support is important factor that helps to have a suitable and fast treatment. Those families can encourage addicted patients to visit hospital in order to have a suitable…show more content…
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