Drug Smuggling Is Wrong

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Money is the will power for many individuals and many of them will do whatever it takes to get it. Family and money are two different things to choose from and depending on the individual these values differ. Some individuals will do whatever it takes for family, or some will do whatever it takes for money. No matter the purposes, there’s always a consequence. The purpose for doing something can be the difference between right and wrong. Even if the act in itself is morally wrong to do so.
The purpose behind drug smuggling varies from every individual. Some do it to get away, while others are just looking to earn extra money. Even though drug smuggling is illegal, the people that are drug mules suffer the most. These drug mules are sometimes
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Some of these individuals are tricked into the trade by a loved one or someone they trust. Once their in the drug industry, hardly any of them come out from the other side. Drug smugglers are regular people trying to make a living. “Over 30 percent of all offenses in 2013 were related to drug trafficking” (The Recovery Village). Many drug mules are forced into the drug industry everyday and they are the ones being punished. These individuals can’t do anything but say it wasn’t their fault and that they were forced into it, but even then no one…show more content…
There are many individuals participating in drug smuggling one way or another, but hardly any of them get caught. This is because there are so many people involved that are going in and out of airports, border control, and across seas. There’s too many people to catch them all, so the police look out for the ones that stand out the most. Often times men are the ones to look out for, because they overpower the drug trafficking. “Mostly men 's work, but one in four mules is female” (NBC News). The effects after having pellets in your system for over 24 hours, can leave a person weak, hungry, and running for the bathroom. They often times are sweaty and these individuals overall just look sick. Their bodies are trying to fight off the pellets that they have swallowed and sometimes these are the effects.
There are tons of billions of people getting involved in drug smuggling because they feel like they’re not enough. They want to have a purpose in life, other than just being a bother to the ones around them. These individuals also often times feel neglected and as if their self worth isn’t valuable. To some it sounds like a great opportunity, earning money for traveling. The only catch is that they have to smuggle drugs to wherever they’re assigned, this alone is
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