Drug Testing Research Paper

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How Oratect 6-Panel Saliva Drug Test Kit Can Help Your Company

Drug abuse remains a major concern in any country. Despite strict measures implemented by the government in ensuring the whole community to be safe, drug manufacturers still find ways on how they can continue with their business and spread them out to people. It is indeed alarming how drugs affect the lives of so many. Studies show that there are drug users practically in every industry. With this fact, it is only essential that the safety of everyone should be prioritized. One way of ensuring that the workplace remains healthy and safe is by implementing drug testing.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, drug abuse can cost business owners in the United States over $140
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Benefits of Drug Testing
Drug use can be damaging in a workplace. It decreases the productivity and revenue and additionally put employees at risk. Anything is possible to happen when an employee is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Due to the effects of these substances, it is highly unlikely for them to think clearly.

1. Some industries, like the transportation industry, mining industry, and construction industry, requires all employees to undergo drug testing. This is made to ensure that they do not only keep themselves safe but as well as others since they work serving the public and use types of machinery.
2. Substance use can lead to absenteeism, poor quality of work and carelessness. But when employees are monitored and allowed to be drug tested, it increases productivity. That is why, aside from pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing is also performed to be able to identify and eliminate the possibilities of incurring accidents and injuries in the
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1. Pre-employment drug test – Prior to hiring a newly-hired employee, companies require employees to submit themselves to a drug test to ensure that they can become part of the company’s goal of providing a healthy and safe workplace.
2. Random drug test – This type of drug testing is the company’s means of preventing employee workplace drug abuse. It is found to be the most effective deterrent to employee workplace drug-use. Leaving the thought to the employees that they need to stay clean in order for them to stay in the job and having a fear of being caught.
3. Post-accident drug test – For instances wherein an employee may have met an accident while working, particularly with types of machinery, a drug test may be required to determine if the presence of drugs may have been the cause of the
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