Drug Testing In Middle Schools Essay

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In a world where teens as young as 13 and 14 years old have developed a habit of smoking and using drugs. Last year alone has shown that there were 11.7% of 8th grade students admitting of using/smoking marijuana, that is nearly half of 12th graders who smoke marijuana according to the National Institute On Drug Abuse (Drugfacts: High School and Youth Trends). Now this is just on marijuana alone, think about alcohol and other illicit drugs that is a possible choice of use by middle school students. Now those who oppose the use of drug testing in middle school should reconsider their choices again. Drugs is open to all ages and it has made its appearance in middle school students. Middle school students should be drug tested because, drugs…show more content…
First the goal for drug testing is to hopefully deterrent students to use drugs under peer pressure(NIDA). According to the National Institutes On Drug Abuse, they stated that “Drug testing should never be undertaken as a stand-alone response to a drug problem. If testing is done, it should be a component of broader prevention, intervention, and treatment programs, with the common goal of reducing students ' drug use”(NIDA). Now if students that are tested positive for drug use are not punished but are helped on their addictions to drugs(NIDA). Drug testing is very effective many studies in the past has shown that students reported using drugs had use it less and less, and they also found out that students who did use drugs for sports have a good accurate chance they will use it in their future lives in a sport career. Now some may argue that is not necessary for students to have a drug test just for joining a club, I understand the disbelief in parents when they see this but drug testing is for making sure no students are taking drugs. The test is also for helping out kids who secretly had drug abuse problem and so the policy just wants to help every students that is possibly in danger of drug

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