Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay

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All coaches should drug test their players because it is not fair. Some people can go crazy on some drugs. Sometimes people will start doing some drugs and it will lead to stronger drugs and they are doing more drugs like weed, cocaine and steroids. It is not fair for some people to take drugs because not everyone can take them. It is not right to have to take drugs to do well in sports. Some people act differently when they take pills and that might affect the rest of the team. If the coach has them take drug test he can find out who to kick off the team. Other than that the long term effects of smoking weed are reduced “(-resistance to common illnesses (colds, bronchitis, etc.)
-Suppression of the immune system
-Growth disorders
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That is why they are illegal unless a doctor prescribes them.

But young people by nature are poor evaluators of risk; a possibly shortened life span and other threats to long-term health are not on the radar for a 16-year-old, whose whole world may turn on sports.
Based on conservative estimates, more than half a million 14- to 17-year-olds in this country use steroids. That 's about 10 percent of male students and 1 percent of girls. Most teens use drugs to help them do better says “ The ergogenic potential of drugs used by athletes to enhance performance is reviewed, and areas of involvement for pharmacists interested in the problem of drug abuse in athletics are described. Athletes use drugs for therapeutic and recreational purposes, as supposed ergogenic aids, and to mask the presence of other drugs during
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