Drug Trafficking Pros And Cons

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Introduction: Drug trafficking is one of the most serious issues the world faces, drug trafficking is so popular because it can be very profitable for violent and illegal organizations called cartels. There has been a serious war in Mexico against drug trafficking organizations for more than a decade with little success. Over the last ten years, the US government has helped with more than $2 billion dollars in financing intelligence resources to help Mexico's anti-drug traffick efforts, and even with the war against drugs, problems seem to continue arising. Many cartels in search for better-distributing options tend to use methods such as murders, kidnappings, and other crimes to expand their territory, which makes entire states live in terror.…show more content…
Colombia was where the leader of the Medellin Cartel, drug lord, and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar was born. He made so much money in the drug trafficking business that he made it into Forbes magazine. Mexico was where the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman was born. The world’s current major drug lord is now sitting extradited in prison in the USA. Mexico’s drug war has been going on since 2006 when president Felipe Calderon launched an intensive counternarcotics campaign. This issue isn’t only relevant because of the illegal drugs, it’s relevant because of the millions of families that suffer because of the cartel's actions. Families lose relatives often when they’re mixed in between of drug cartels and…show more content…
The Mexico-US drug war against cartels needs to be stopped. Billions of dollars have been lost in the underground economy or spent in different approaches to address this problem. The consequences of the cartel drug war are too big, and governments need to keep trying to find new solutions to end it. Drugs corrupt not only the brain but the society, and eventually the economy. Thousands of crimes, injustices, and deaths arise from this unnecessary war. Cartels control towns and even states in Mexico. Civilians live with the stress and the fear of getting kidnapped by a drug gang. Children are getting dragged into the horrible world of drugs and gangs from very young ages. There may be other solutions more peaceful than a war. For example, the Netherlands has changed their views on marijuana and now allow people to carry a maximum of 5g of the drug. They also implemented these so-called coffee shops which are allowed to store 500g of it. These are a step towards legalization, but on the bottom line, they have prevented many prosecutions for possession, as well as conflicts for the illegal sale of these drugs. This is an example of a peaceful solution, so basically, the war on drugs needs to be stopped, one way or

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