Drug Trafficking Satire

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There are many,many kinds of drugs that are subject to drug prohibition laws which are transported and sold illegally throughout not only our country, but throughout a majority of the world. This is called drug trafficking. In the past decade drug trafficking has become a growing problem. Drug trafficking itself is worth about $435 billion per year; cocaine alone is worth $84. Though drug trafficking may be a huge part of some countries’ economies, it is a problem that continues to grow and cause problems for other countries. It benefits terrorist groups, causes high amount of deaths every year, and causes many people to be thrown in jail. It affects individuals because those who use the illegal substances have a chance of dying and those…show more content…
In my opinion, after doing some research, and reading that some countries have taken action, such as Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Iran, Malaysia and Vietnam, I feel like there is hope for the problem. I think more countries should enforce laws and punish smugglers, maybe not with punishments as severe as the death penalty, but definitely teach them a lesson; however, I also read that there will always be a way for smugglers to escape punishment and evade capture. Also, after reading a rehab center’s opinion I realize that their idea to attack drug trafficking as if it is a business. Companies are only in business of people want to buy their product, so if people no longer want the smuggled drugs the problem would be resolved. If we know someone who is using or abusing illegal drugs, we need to get them help. The less people who use the drugs, the less reasons exist as to why they would need to bootleg in the substances. As you can tell from this paper, I strongly think that immediate action should be taken against drug trafficking. People are dying due to these smuggled drugs. So why do we keep letting this happen? We shouldn 't
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