Drug Usage In The Deaf Community

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Drug usage is a big problem in the hearing community and is talked about almost every day, but not the deaf community. Believe it or not, drug usage is a big problem within the deaf community and no one really takes action because obviously communication is much more harder than it is communicating with someone that can hear. The hearing community tends to not care about people who are not relevant to them at all; thus making the deaf community feel different and lonesome. Deaf people are not granted certain jobs, they’re not treated the same, and they are not thought of as the same. When in reality, we all have skin, we all have bones, we all have or have had hair, and we all are capable of doing tasks. Now, why is drug usage among the deaf a big problem? Well, when any person…show more content…
Marijuana is the safest drug out there. Again in the same article it says “Getting high on pot helps him forget about his problems with his family and job” (Koster & Guthmann 1). Thus proving that deaf people resort to using drugs to help them forget or put aside their stress factors and everything keeping them from being mentally normal. Even marijuana where the main thing that will help with stress and pain is CBD unlike THC which is the one that will give you “the high”; but THC may not be the main component of pain/stress relief, it is a huge factor considering the fact that at low doses of THC it will help. One study said “As predicted, those who received the low dose of THC reported less stress after the psychosocial test than those given a placebo” (Newman 2). In conclusion deaf people are more likely at risk to drug addiction because of all the stress, anxiety, and communication factors; but treating it with medical purposes such as medicinal marijuana would benefit them more and get them away from the heavier drugs at the same time relieving their stress and
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