Drug Use In Brave New World Essay

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Trevor Hudson Mr. Donnenwirth British literature 12 December 2014 Drug Use Drug use is something very serious in today’s world. Prescription and illegal drugs are being abused everywhere around us, and one could even say they’re being abused in Brave New World. The people in the new world state do not use as much, but do use a drug. This drug, known as “soma,” is suppose to help you always feel happiness whenever you are depressed, despondent, or just not feeling well; much like people do in our world today. In the world today people use illegal and prescription drugs regularly day in and day out. People lose their families, their houses and can lose their lives. Abusing drugs, prescription or illegal, can and more then likely will kill a person. Getting drugs these days is as easy as going to the store and buying a gallon of milk. One can literally walk two blocks down the road and get any and every drug they need or want, and very cheap at that. It is truly sad to see what this world is coming to due to drug abuse and all the lives it has already ruined and seeing how many lives it will ruin in the near future. Usually, abusing illegal and prescription drugs is frowned upon; even if it is a close friend…show more content…
Soma in Latin means sleep, and that’s exactly what soma does to the people that take it. It keeps one calm and distracts one from what is actually going on in the world. In today’s world, soma mostly resembles an illegal drug called MDMA. MDMA is both a stimulant and also a psychedelic, which makes you energized, and enhances enjoyment from tactile experiences. Mustapha also says soma is “Christianity without tears.” What does this mean? Well, Brave New World claims that Christianity controls through pacification, which means it offers comfort of some sort at the risk of individuality. This is what soma does to one. It gives you comfort, but at the expense of
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