Drugs In Sports Advantages And Disadvantages

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Introduction Drug use in sports has always been a controversial issue. With athletes pushing for the top podium position, performance enhancing drugs can be extremely enticing. One of the main types of drugs used by athletes are stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines or ecstasy. These can create unfair advantages in sports. To keep sports even and fair, certain drugs became prohibited. Drug testing was introduced, allowing officials to prevent athletes from using drugs. One technique of drug testing is gas chromatography. In this report, liquid-gas chromatography and stimulants will be investigated. The Use Of Science Chromatography is the separation and identification of the components of mixtures. Chromatography has two phases, mobile…show more content…
Many people argue that athletes should be able to enhance their performance while others disagree. From a neutral point of view, there are advantages and disadvantages of using PEDs. The advantage, obviously, is increased performance, wether that comes from faster recovery periods or increased oxygen retention o and multiple other methods. This gives an advantage over competitors that do not take drugs. Disadvantages include side effects, which are numerous and can cause life long damage to abusers (the major issue with the use of drugs), unfair advantages and can cause disqualification from competitions and tarnishing of reputations. For example, Lance Armstrong was stripped of titles, banned from the sport and his reputation was destroyed. For some athletes, the short term goal is more important than the…show more content…
The abuse of anabolic steroids has been linked to depression. The use of drugs can be argued as morally wrong. Creating an unnatural advantage is morally wrong and can make people feel bad about themselves. Some people argue that people’s bodies provide an advantage to people naturally so doping is not wrong. The depends on the person. Personally, I believe that the use of PEDs is morally wrong and that only the naturally good and mentally strong should be competing and representing our country in high level competition. Integrity in sport should be protected as it keeps the sport honest and genuine. Using GC to detect drugs in athletes systems is an easy way of keeping the world of sport fair. A small sacrifice in the form of a blood or urine sample can be made to ensure that our sport is not lost to drugs. GC is, in my opinion, one of the most effective ways of detecting drugs. While some of the sporting community argue that drug testing is expensive, I strongly believe that drug testing should be a regular occurrence to deter athletes from
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