Drug Use On College Campuses Essay

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College campuses are known for the wild side on the weekends with parties, drinking, and the common get together. However some people take this fun a little too far. Underage drinking has become somewhat normal among campuses, but this is not the true problem. Drugs on campuses have predominantly increased in use among students over the past three decades; specifically, marijuana. Now at an “all time high at 36%” of college students using marijuana as stated by drugabuse.gov. The problem is on the rise with marijuana and other forms of drugs. Along with safety issues. However, there are solutions to this issue. Introducing things like security cameras, extra security officers, and drug dog sweeps may be the future on college campuses. Currently schools are finding ways to…show more content…
Protect students and reduce the drug problems on campus. With people monitoring more thoroughly what’s going on in the dorms. Reducing the amount of drugs on campus will possibly lower crime, assault, and possible death of overdose. Making drugs on campus and poor behavior progressively more prohibited in the programs of the school.
Lowering these distractions in the hallways will also dismiss academic distractions. It has the possibility to boost gpas. Removing students preforming these acts will also improve student’s mindset, who do not perform these acts. Lessening tension felt in school by reducing stressed students from dangerous people or the possibility of being peer pressured into drugs. This will over all improve the function of the school, and its popularity among students who only want to go to school for an education.
By causing a change in policy with in college campuses it will affect how students behave, and improve the school over all. Tough decisions have to be made to make this improvement. The controversy may not have everyone on the same side in this problem arguing free will or wanting to get rid of the
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