Drugs And Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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Live Freely Drugs and alcohol has been used for self medication. Both serve a depressant. A person may start experiencing symptoms of an undiagnosed mental illness. They may not understand what they are feeling, not know how to asses help, or being hesitant about seeing a professional. Instead of seeking for help, they turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. Drug abuse has a long history with some being accepted legally during the early days. These drugs are used in different ways from simple medication to treat illness and diseases as well as suppress other conditions that are life-style introduced. A drug is described as any other substance apart from food that by its very chemical nature affects the functioning structure of living organisms (Isralowitz and Myers, 2011). Legal drugs included cocaine and heroin in the early days. Drug abuse is greatly powered by one of the illegal and large business across the country, with some of the areas being uncontrollable as a result of the influence it has had on different corners of society. There were drugs considered as legal which were used in varying areas of medication. The drug heroine was synthesized from morphine and was mainly viewed as non-addictive. It was used on patients who were severely in pain such as labor pains and on their death bed. At that time, heroin was legal, sold and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. It was also consumed by a larger society as the treatment individuals suffering from personality

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