Substance Abuse And Cognitive Therapy Paper

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Live Freely Drugs and alcohol has been used for self medication. Both serve a depressant. A person may start experiencing symptoms of an undiagnosed mental illness. They may not understand what they are feeling, not know how to asses help, or being hesitant about seeing a professional. Instead of seeking for help, they turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. Drug abuse has a long history with some being accepted legally during the early days. These drugs are used in different ways from simple medication to treat illness and diseases as well as suppress other conditions that are life-style introduced. A drug is described as any other substance apart from food that by its very chemical nature affects the functioning structure of living organisms …show more content…

If you or know someone is in need of our rehab services gives a call. The best way to live is with a sober mind. A cognitive therapist along with our friendly counselors and nurses are here to help anyone on their journey of sobriety. Our cognitive-behavioral therapist focuses on the way a person thinks, behave, and communicates. Initial assessments will be taken to assess your present problems and substance abuse. The therapist will then design a plan of treatment to help guide you on your way to sobriety. Cognitive therapy provides the explanation of why and what happened to this person for s/he became depending on the drug and/or alcohol. The cognitive remediation is cerebral training method based on therapeutic support with a specific cognitive training to adapt to patient’s disorder, and helping them to improve their daily life activities and social interaction. It also helps them to focus on their goals, such as coming back to a normal professional …show more content…

If there is an increase in substance abuse the mentally illness rate rises. More children are at risk, if there is a parent abusing drug or alcohol in the house. Weather it is mentally, physically or psychological abuse, the children will be affected. Cognitive treatment helps indicate the reason for the misuse of drug or alcohol. Studying the mind on how much is needed to reach the intolerance level. People are able to continue to focus in this state, but when does it hit the trigger point. The pineal gland which produces serotonin has to be indicated to stop produced more. If this gland, is trigger with a drug or alcohol substance it is trigger that it has produce enough and will

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