Drugs And Drug Abuse In The Philippines

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Through the years, illegal drugs and drug addiction have been considered as one the major problems in the Philippines. We cannot deny the fact that this matter has grown immensely among our society affecting a lot of people most especially the youth. The youth that is said to be “the hope of the future generations” is now slowly being eaten up by this common vice. Xavier University has stepped up to take action through the National Service Training Program (NSTP) wherein sessions and discussions on drugs is a requirement. According to Republic Act 9165 known as the “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002” wherein it is the policy of the state to protect the citizens particularly the youth against these harmful drugs. For NSTP, this law has been their foundation to educate the students on the different drugs and its physical and mental effects to oneself and the society. NSTP provides lectures and activities that would raise awareness and enhance full knowledge within the students. This is also one way to achieve the objectives of the law which is to pursue an intensive and strong campaign on the drugs. The classroom lectures may seem to be a small thing but this could bring a big impact not only to the youth but the community. This is one proof that Xavier University has deeply instilled and taught the Ignatian Principles by being socially involve taking actions that would make a big difference. B. NSTP on Extra Judicial Killings What is Extrajudicial Killing? It

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