Drugs And Movie: Antihero In The Movie

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Reaction Paper 14 ( Drugs and Movies)
To depict an antihero without showing him smoking or drinking, the antihero can be depicted as a serial killer. The antihero can play the part as a serial killer, who kills people but says he does not drink or smoke. This character can believe that smoking and drinking is worst than his killing activity. He can kill people that chose to smoke or drink as his targeted victims. The tv show Dexter is an example that illustrate how an antihero can be depicted. In the tv show, Dexter, the main character solves murders as part of his job in Miami. He is a Miami-based blood spatter expert, but at the same time he commits murders. He is a serial killer who kills people who are guilty of a crime. Killing guilty individuals is a part of Dexter’s explanation of why they had to die. These individuals had to die because they committed a crime that harmed someone else and a
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The characterization of this character is flawed because of any underlying reason. This person fights with his light and dark sides. Antiheros can be portrayed in any format and the film will be good. But antihero can be portrayed without him or her using drugs. The character of the antihero is so dynamic that presenting cigarette or alcohol is not necessary. Depicting cigarettes and alcohol should not be something associated antiheros because they are flawed by something that happened in their person, but deep down they are good. Antiheros are like the average human being. We all have a situation that might drive us to do something horrible based on the degree of the experience. It is almost like the nature vs nurture question. What causes some people to react negatively to a situation that someone else has experiences or has experience more than someone else. The underlying reason for antiheros to react is a situation that they
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