Drugs Effects On Society Essay

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Drugs have various effects on the family. The users are mostly occupied with the drugs, and its great effects on a person mood and their functioning ability, which leads to marital problems and poor performance in their working places and also dismissal. Substance use can disrupt family life and also create destructive motifs of dependence, that is, the spouse or whole family, out of love or fear of impacts; it also enables the user to recklessly continue using drugs by covering up, using a lot of money on drugs, and denying there is a problem. Expectant mothers who use drugs, because of the drugs themselves and also poor self-care in general, have got a much higher rate of giving birth to low weight babies than the average. Many drugs for instance crack and heroin flow past the placental barrier, resulting in addicted babies who go through withdrawal soon after birth and fetal alcohol syndrome which can affect children of mothers who take alcohol during pregnancy. Pregnant women who acquire the AIDS virus through drip drug use pass the virus to their fetus.
Effects on Society; Drug abuse affects society in many ways. In the workplace it leads is to high cost due to the work time lost and also inefficiency. Drug users are most likely going to have occupational accidents than sober employees which put them to danger and even those who
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The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is charged with allowing illegal drugs in the country that come in across land borders, the U.S. Coast Guard with governs on the seas. Other attempts to stop the movement of drugs include the closure of clandestine labs, arrest, charging and convicting of drug dealers and

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