Drum Vs Colossus

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The Drum vs. The Colossus The sound device poem," The Drum" by Nikki Giovanni and the sonnet, "The Colossus" by Emma Lazarus both demonstrate the the theme of striving for equality in America. Although they share this same riveting idea and vital messages, they both adequately use poetic devices that allow the audience to identify their resemblances and differences. First, "The Drum" discusses the idea of endeavoring for equal rights. Also, it has a message conveyed through the verses to keep marching to the beat of your own drum and persevering.Through every word and lyric, there are various examples of figurative language that communicate and reinforce the meaning, theme, and the experiences of "The Drum". Some of them were sound devices. For example, a multitude of times, the author…show more content…
This use helps create musicality but also engages you, enables you to imagine hearing it, and calls your attention to the message and theme that has been developed. Moreover, repetition is displayed by Nikki Giovanni, when she keeps repeating "Pa-Rum","rat-tat-tat", and "Rum". In doing so, these words are being reiterated to amplify the point and creates a sense of urgency in your mind. In addition, another type of figurative language used is allusion. In "The Drum", it frequently alludes to famous people and their actions of seeking rights. People involved were M.L.K who dedicating his life to civil rights for oppressed people, Pied Piper who was unjustly treated against for his beneficial services and fired back, Kunte Kinte, an African slave who resisted and fought against his enslavement, and Thoreau who believed that if a man is not peaceful with his companions, then it's because he hears a different drummer. The use of notable people help you
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