Drummer Boy Of Shiloh Poem Analysis

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The “Drummer boy of Shiloh” by Ray Bradbury is a short story telling an experience of a Union Drummer Boy. The mood shift of this piece is scared then determined, the tone is serious the whole way through. It was the year 1862, April 6th, Tennessee. The Civil War was in action, Joby, the drummer boy of the Battle of Shiloh witnesses one of the bloodiest wars in the Civil War. However, thanks to the young recruits from Iowa and Illinois the line held. Sill 23,000 men died, and hopes of the Civil War ending soon where diminished. Joby, age 14, was an orphan. It was not uncommon for orphans and runaways to join the army, parents did not want their sons going into battle. A typical drummer boy carried no weapons and there was no age requirement,…show more content…
A person stops by and tells him to get through it, he thinks that a soldier is crying before the battle. The individual realizes that Joby is not a soldier but the drummer boy. Joby comes to recognize that the person is the general. The general says that it is perfectly understandable to cry that he did it himself just a few moments before. The commander thinks that it would be better to turn tail for both of the armies, Union and Confederates, and train for months. He describes how men actually died in war, you have to make one Army from all the of the men, and in order to do that, he needed Joby. Joby is the heart of the army, he controls the fingers which are the soldiers. If he beats his drum slowly, the next day the soldiers will lie upon the fields, their hearts slowed. They would be brought down by enemy fire. Conversely, if Joby hits at a rapid pace, the union soldiers will come down the hill, one after the other. They would be well-ordered, and that's what the Army needed. The general said that he gave the orders, but Joby set the pace. The leader said that if the fighters are hit with steel they will not feel a thing, their blood is hot and fast. Joby is the head of the army when the generals left behind the captain said. The officer told Joby that years and years later when he is gone, Joby should say part honored and part unpretentious how he was a Drummer Boy of Tennessee, the Drummer Boy of Shiloh. When the general leaves Joby stares into the night sky, he now has a purpose. The Civil War left numerous experiences in many young drummer boys. They learn that nothing is ever forgotten, that their story lives on. If you think you do not serve a purpose you are mistaken. Everything serves a purpose, even the peach blossoms from the Orchard trees and the moths that zoom in the sky. Determination to fly to your full extent is not given, you have to believe in your
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