Drums Girls And Dangerous Pie Character Analysis

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Author’s Crafts The way an author crafts a story strongly impacts the mood of the story. Within the novel, Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie, the main character - Steven - is a funny, sarcastic 13-year-old, When Jeffrey, his younger brother is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L), his life takes a turn for the worst. However, instead of making the novel gloomy and depressing, Jordan Sonnenblick (the author) incorporated jokes and sarcastic comments into the tale. Steven lightened the mood of the novel by being funny and relatable with his jokes. When the tone of the novel became gloomy, Steven managed to crack jokes to lift the spirit of the story. Steven uses the method quite often which makes him a likable character. On page 122, when he is having a meeting with his teachers about his slipping grades, he thinks a funny comment about Mr. Watras. He does this, despite the fact that he was about to tell them about Jeffrey's cancer. He thinks: “Hey, Mr. W. - where is all your ‘dude’ and ‘cat’ lingo? Now all of a sudden, just because you are in a big meeting, you’re like Mr. Teacher Man?” This particular…show more content…
He makes him create jokes that are larger than life, especially when he is talking to Jeffrey. When he is conversing with his younger brother, he tends to create jokes that could not in real life work. For example when he gave Jeffrey Matt Medic when he was scared, he said Matt Medic would help him through his ALL Cancer. This shows that Steven sometimes makes things that are not plausible in everyday situations. When Steven talks to Jeffrey, which we know is suffering from leukemia, he makes it rather lighthearted. Sonnenblick did this on purpose because being so young and having cancer is very heavy and hard to make light of. When Steven talks to Jeffrey, however, He can make the readers forget about how many hardships the family is going through with
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