Drums Girls Dangerous Pie Character Analysis

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Crushes. Cancer. Death Crushes. Cancer. Death. Jeffrey. Steven. Renee Albert. Annette. That’s what Drums Girls, Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick is all about. Steven is an ordinary 13 year old eighth grader who, despite the fact he is passing through his 4 year old brother Jeffrey’s leukemia, has plenty problems of his own. One of them being the ladies in his teenage world. He has a crush on Renee Albert, the hottest girl in school, and a girl named Annette has a crush on him. The most thought-provoking concept in the book is knowing or thinking about the relationship characters would have with other characters. One of the most intriguing being Jeffrey Alper and Renee Albert. They are both distinct but at the same time similar in the ways…show more content…
As character development goes on, so does Jeffrey’s and Renee 's relationship with Steven, caused by the attention they draw and how they talk about each other behind one another 's back. If we put Steven in the middle of a circle and put characters he has a big relationship with closest and continue as the relationship is less, evidently the closest people would be Jeffrey, then mom and dad, and then Renee and Annette. Even though Renee is not closest to Steven, she is still quite close. So, why are Jeffrey and Renee so close to Steven in the circle? Clearly, because of the attention they get and because they talk about each other behind one another 's back. All of this, if thought about, smoothly lead to their relationship with Steven. Renee getting so much attention because of her beauty makes her hard to get, and even harder to reject. This means, that when Steven was strong enough to kick her out because of Jeffrey 's vulnerability to illnesses, they 're relationship changed, since now, both Steven and Renee knew Steven was strong and confident in the inside, and not like other boys. This changed their relationship, after some time, for the good. Renee talking about Jeffrey behind his back is also something that made Renee 's and Steven 's relationship go on. If Renee never would have told Miss Palma about Jeffrey 's cancer, it’s possible they never would have talked in that time, and it is also possible Steven never would have known Renee knew about his brothers cancer, unless Renee would have spoken later. Given this situation were Steven does not know Renee knows about Jeffrey cancer, Steven would have considered his relationship with Renee the same. But, since he does know about Renee 's knowledge, Steven now knows Renee is worried about him and she knows he exists. Jeffrey 's attention and Jeffrey talking about Renee behind her back equivalently plays a big role in his relationship with Steven. If Jeffry would not have gotten all this attention, Steven
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