Drunk Driving Advertisement Analysis

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The world is a dangerous place to begin with and when alcohol is added into the mix the level of danger increases. Drunk driving ads are used to scare people or can show the reality of what does happen to people when driving under the influence. This ad from Ecovia demonstrates multiple points when dealing with alcohol and violence that comes with it. This ad is coming from Brazilian campaign that is trying to reduce or eliminate drunk violence and especially focuses on drunk driving. Among its population, “Brazil has high rates of car accidents caused by the consumption of alcohol linking it to 21% of traffic crashes” (Farah, 2013). The Brazilian Ministry of Health did a research study and found more than half of its violence victims were…show more content…
Red is a very powerful negative color. It often represents stop, hazardous, dangerous, or even lethal areas, items, or safety. Stop signs are red to tell vehicles to stop. Hazardous chemicals have red signs on them to stand out to indicate poisons or toxic chemicals. With this ad, the red is stating that drinking and driving needs to stop. It is dangerous and is hazardous to people’s lives. This brings us back to the cars and the colors of the cars. With the fist representing the violence of drinking and driving can deliver, one would have to assume that the green truck is the vehicle with the drunk driver. The vehicle is green to show that it is the one in motion. Just like the three colors of traffic lights. The other observation seen is that it is a large truck with an extended cab which is extremely larger than the little red car on the person’s cheek. The person getting hit is representing the victim in the incident. The small red car is red because it is stopped and is the one thing that is stopping the green truck when it collides with it. Just like the person being hit, it is caught unaware and unable to defend itself from the massive green truck. The amount of damage being done to both the person and the car is
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