Drunk Driving Narrative

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Driving a car James woke up and brushed his teeth and then he ate a large breakfast of bacon and eggs. After James ate his breakfast, he got ready for the day ahead. June 19th was going to be a great day. He was excited and nervous because he was going to take his driving test for the first time and his mom said if he passed it she would buy him a game. James loved games and he was getting ready to play a game with his brother Mason. “Mason, where are you?” James yelled. “It’s time for us to play our daily challenge.” James and Mason are playing the game, Advents Warfare,and they start arguing because Mason is cheating. Now James is all riled…show more content…
James is very scared about the upcoming driving test. James slowly walks in and goes to the front counter with his mom to check in. The person at the counter asked James for his ID. Once they verified that James was the right age, they had him go sit down. As he waited to be called, he was thinking about what he was going to do. All kinds of things about what they expected him to do came to his mind After what seem like forever, the DMV staff finally called James up to take his test. It was finally time for him to drive! When he got in the car the DVM staff told him to check his mirror. James checked his mirror, put the car in gear, and pulled out. James did not know whether he was doing a good job or not because the person from the DVM did not say a word. While driving he was suppose to go 50 miles per hour but he was going 15 miles per hour.When James was driving the lights would turn yellow, and James would drive through and them. He kept getting caught by the red light. Every once in awhile James looked at the DVM and saw writing on his clipboard. Additionally, when James was driving he was not paying attention to driving he was looking at the stores.Then he went through a stop sign without stopping. Then he hit a mailbox. “Oops I did not mean to hit the mailbox,”said James. The DVM instructor told him to go back to the testing site. A sad James slowly drove back to the
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