Drunk Driving Research Paper

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Drowsy driving can be a very dangerous and life threatening effect of sleep deprivation (Goel). Many crashes are caused by poor sleep quality or durations (Goel). Decrease of ability to react in case of emergency can cause an accident, or a mistake while reacting to the emergency (Goel). Drowsy driving is responsible for one hundred thousand automobile crashes, seventy-one thousand injuries, and one thousand, five hundred and fifty fatalities (Breus). Drowsy driving could cause people to lose their life or a passenger’s life and is next to drinking and driving in crashes. There are many ways sleep deprivation and lack of sleep could be treated or prevented. Medical supplements could be used to postpone drowsiness or eliminate it. Modafinil…show more content…
Although caffeine is a cause, it can also be a treatment. Drinking caffeine is a treatment many use every day and improves alertness and vigilance. Caffeine speeds up the central nervous system and send signals to the body to wake up. It also increases temperature, breathing rate, alertness and blood pressure and causes the heart to be faster and harder (Giacobello 34). Bright light can trick the brain into thinking it is daytime and it must create energy (Goel). Loud alarm clocks and sound can also startle the body and stimulate it into breathing rapidly Physical activity acts as a stimulant, loosens muscles, and increases heart rate. Tricking the body into thinking it is awake is a good short-term treatment, but will take its toll on the body because it only postpones the tiredness…show more content…
There are up to seventy types of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome. The most prevalent is insomnia because most victims do not sleep because they simply cannot. Sleep apnea in which breathing stops and starts must have treatment to participate in one’s daily routine. Restless leg syndrome is a condition that causes an irresistible urge to move one’s leg and prevent sleep. These are three of the seventy types of sleep disorders that affect one’s sleep (Stoppler). Sleep deprivation is harmful by itself. Lack of sleep puts people in risk of major harm like a car accident or taking the wrong medication (Engdahl 14). The longer without sleep, the higher the chance of tragic error (Mercola). Lack of focus could result in an occupational error could cause one to lose his or her occupation. The victim is also affected financially because of having to buy medication and products with caffeine (Breus). Absence of sleep disrupts the sleep cycle and effects one’s quality of
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