Drunk Driving Speech

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An end to drunk driving When driving a vehicle, thinking about the effects it will have on others might be the last thing on a person 's mind. Getting into an accident can be horrific, especially if the cause is drunk driving. Drunk drivers put lives at risk, as they can swerve uncontrollably and crash into innocent bystanders or other drivers. Automobile accidents occur daily, whether it is from a distracted driver, drunk driver or a sudden crash. However, drunk driving accidents and deaths related to them are totally preventable. Once drunk driving can come to an end, more people will feel safer to drive everyday. Drunk driving causes thousands of deaths per year because each day, someone does not think as they step on the gas pedal. Driving while intoxicated causes problems that not only affect the victim lives, but the future of the drunk driver’s life as well. Drunk driving was the main cause in the death of one of the world 's most famous and beloved people in 1997. A man named Henry Paul was driving more than 80 mph while impaired by alcohol, lost control of his car in a tunnel that caused the death of himself, Princess Diana and her boyfriend Fayed (Dickey, Christopher, and Mark Hosenball 54). Drivers should never be able to be on the road while intoxicated. After parties, a trusted friend needs to make sure that the drinker gets home safe, without driving drunk. If all traffic enforcement officers used passive sensors, over 700,000 drunk drivers could
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