Drunk In Love Analysis

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Evaluation the overall quality of Beyonce and Jay Z’s song "Drunk In Love"
Unfortunately between all the beauty, greatness and possibilities that give us our modern word there is a place for cruelty, violence and amorality. Such things accompany us everywhere: in real life, films, books and even songs. And this is in the time when music is known as the greatest man’s creation that gives you an opportunity to touch the soul, express your emotions and confess to yourself and others in your feelings. As a proof, John Denver told, that music makes people closer by giving them the same feelings. Music proves that people are similar, even with differences in race, nationality and the mother language, political views, religion or creed. The spirit
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And there can be some reasons for that. First of all, there are the two most over-exposed celebrities in our entire world that sing it. Secondly, the sheer romance of the song, which shows passion, gives people the feeling of true love story. But, on the other hand, "Drunk in Love" draws many attention because of its excitant and bad words, that attracts attention .
Despite the fact that "Drunk in Love" is recommended by most of contemporary music critics, it was considered that lyrics of this track includes themes of sex and alcohol, which is not acceptable to the public audience, including children and, furthermore, referring to domestic
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You can hear this on the track, when Jay Z rap it. He sing he sing as if he play the role of Ike Turner who say that he will not play with her and force her to eat that cake, calling her by name of Anna Mae. There is also the film that based on the miserable story about Tina Turner 's jealous spouse. He pushed her face into the cake and made her eat the cake. There are numerous thoughts about this song. You can find them on various sites on Internet, on the pages of newspapers or magazines. In general the main idea of all considerations is that song is "tasteless", "disturbing" and
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