Dry By Augusten Burroughs: Analysis

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For this assignment, I decided to read Dry by Augusten Burroughs. Augusten Burroughs, started off from being one of the best advertising suffers from alcoholisms and his book goes into great deal of his journey that eventually led to his recovery. Burroughs, divides his memoir into two parts. In the first part of his book, consists of four chapter. Here we read about how he goes from being one of the top advertisers in New York to later ending up in rehab. He also introduces his co-worker, friends and family and the relationship he has amongst them. As he does this, he mentions the importance of alcohol and its role that it plays in his daily life and interactions with these individuals. To starts, there is Greer who is Augusten’s partner…show more content…
The first day home from rehab he quickly takes charge of his life. He starts to attend AA and group meetings. He also meets with a woman named Wendy who helps him set up a plan for him to keep his sobriety. He even returns to work a day after getting back. A new love interest is also introduced during a group meeting. His name is Foster and he is a crack addict and an alcoholic. Augusten seems to have taken an interest in him. He describes Foster as having “jet-black hair, husky-blue eyes, a strong nose, a strong chin, dimples-all of it” (pg.122). This infatuation with Foster continues on and they end up grabbing coffee together. Afterwards, Augusten starts questioning his feelings for Foster. He reveals that him and Pighead were once a couple and asks himself, “These feelings are for Foster right? They are not still for Pighead, are they?” (pg.145). At this point, he is not sure if these feeling for Foster were just hidden emotions for Pighead that he had been repressing for all these years. At the same time this is happening, Hayden has left rehab and is currently living with Augusten. He also later meets up with Jim at a restaurant that has a bar which his hesitant about. Nonetheless, he goes and eventually, realizes that him and Jim only connected as friends because of alcohol. In addition, there is Pighead who has fallen ill and is now in the
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