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Chapter Challenge Write-Up Our trailer was about a battle between the blue and green slimes. We used dry ice, homemade slime, and alcohol fire as special effects. The main purpose of the dry ice was to create a heavy smoke cloud which surrounded the two slimes. We used this fog as something that would make an “epic” atmosphere which emphasizes a real battle. This effect was created by adding water to a beaker of dry ice. When water comes in contact with dry ice (which is actually pure carbon dioxide), it forms little carbon dioxide bubbles that rise up to the surface, creating the effect of fizzy soda. When it reaches the top, a reaction occurs between the carbon dioxide and the air which makes the water in the bubbles very cold and creates a thick fog. This is what makes the dense smoke that pours out of the dry ice beaker. We also learned that dry ice is very cold and can burn you, so it is important to handle them with gloves or tongs. Our second special effect that we used was the alcohol fire. Like the dry ice, its main purpose was to set an “epic” atmosphere to our…show more content…
The slime served as the main character because we didn’t have any action figures for fighting purposes. Slime is a polymer, which is made up of small molecules which are covalently bonded together. It behaves like a solid and a liquid, which gives it a lot of special traits. We made two batches of slime by mixing borax, pva, and food coloring together. Borax has these tiny particles called crosslinkers and the pva has particles that are like little slots for crosslinkers. When the two are mixed together, the crosslinkers of the borax fit into the tiny slots and links the two mixtures together. This is called crosslinking. The mixture thickens as more borax fills in the pva slots and creates the slime. This slime has different traits like being able to bounce, stretch, and be molded into different shapes. Our slime is fortunately

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