Dry Ice Lab Report

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Self-Design Lab Rubric Name(s): Cassidy Gale Redding TITLE: The Affect Different Liquids have on Dry Ice’s CO2 Release I. DESIGN: How long does it take a piece of dry ice to sublimate in different liquids? Background Theory: Dry ice is the solid form of CO2, therefore it sublimates instead of melts. Sublimation is a solid turning into a gas instead of a liquid. When placed in water, dry ice reacts by sublimating faster because of the added temperature. Eventually, the entire piece of ice will be sublimated, but different liquids could change the time until the ice was completely sublimated. In the experiment, tap water will be used instead of purified water. Chinese tap water contains pollutants and bacteria; most foreigners consider it unsafe to drink because of how dirty it is. Hypothesis: If dry ice is placed in Coca Cola, then it will sublimate the fastest because the carbonation bubbles that are in Coca Cola will scrape the sides of the piece of dry ice creating friction and heating it up the fastest. Table 1. Experimental Variables Independent variable Type of liquid used Dependent variable Time of the sublimation of dry ice Control Variables ----------------- 1 Size of bowl the liquid is placed in 2 Temperature of liquid 3 Size of dry ice used Experimental Control Group Dry ice

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