Dry Lips Research Paper

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Dry lips are a common problem these days, and it doesn’t seem to depend only on the climate a person finds themselves in. Dry lips ruin an otherwise well-groomed face, and give an unkempt look. Dry lips can be painful as well, and even lead to bleeding. The lips might be a small feature, but it can have a big impact on how a person looks. To completely prevent dry lips, drinking a lot of water will help. But sometimes, dry lips can be caused because of the climate and other such factors. In that case, there are some ways that improve the look of the lips, and they are listed below. 1. Using a wet washcloth Dry lips are formed because the lips are not hydrated enough. So putting some water on the lips can make sure that they look better. But…show more content…
And Vaseline is used to soften lips. Adding them together can serve as a very effective remedy for chapped lips. A good amount of honey must be added first, and then be coated with Vaseline. This mixture must be made to sit on the lips for 15 minutes, which gives the lips enough time to absorb the mixture. It can then be removed using a wet cloth. Doing this once a day for a week will produce some very noticeable results. 6. Using Cucumber Dry skin is a common feature during summer, and using one of summer’s favorite vegetables for the lips only seems natural. Cucumber feels cool on the skin, and can help soothe the lips that are cracked and dried out. Also, cucumber does a great job of removing tans, and can get rid of the tan on the lips. It is fairly simple to apply. Just a single slice of cucumber on the lips, gently rubbed in circles for ten minutes, produces a cooling effect and removes the tan from the lips. 7. Using Rose Petals Just like cucumbers, Rose petals also can help with removing tans, and can also introduce some hydration into the lips. It takes a bit of preparation though – the rose petals must first be soaked in some milk for a couple of hours, until the essence soaks into the milk. It must then be made into a paste, and that should be applied on the lips. That paste must remain on the lips for 15 minutes, and then be washed
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