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When one excels in the arts, then it's quite expected that this person is a cistern of the most beautiful, most creative things that cannot be seen in a normal human being. The use of one's creativity is actually an innate human talent but some of us played it well than the rest since they injected passion on it, making it all the more colorful, more flamboyant and definitely enjoyable. If you're looking for a musician who got the knack in channeling the artsy alter-ego through a different medium, then you need to hear out a mainstream neophyte named Du Blonde and you'd be amazed. Definitely a person who's worth your time, Du Blonde's flexibility is what sets her apart from the rest, letting you in on her universe full of magic and skills.
Aside from being a musician, Du Blonde is also a well-known visual artist. The effective mix and categorizing of her artsy side are so on-point that she did not confuse herself whenever she's out to perform. Hailed from the small town of Tyne in England, Du Blonde, named Beth Jeans Houghton can also write her own songs and play multiple instruments such as the piano, electric bass and bass. Du Blonde leans on playing genres of pop folk, freak folk, wonky pop and psychedelic pop. During the course of her career, Du Blonde had been managed
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She's also skilled in video editing and filming, which made her direct and edit her own music videos, a true blue Jill-of-all-trades. As for her music influences, Du Blonde cites old genres such as garage, punk, classical, West Coast psych, blues and the 1960s-1970s era as responsible for what she wants now as a musician. Furthermore, many music analysts swear to the notion that there had been a great balance of all the genre inspirations she stated, making her put forth fresh perspectives whenever she
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