Du Dubois Color Line Analysis

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The importance on minority art is essential in allowing expression amongst artists who feel trapped or brought down by a society that condemns them due to their race. For Du Bois, there was a great importance in bringing to light the “color line” that separates African American and European American. Bu Bois had a bohemian mentality and truly believed that the world would one day be filled with Beauty, freedom and virtue and while it is a noble notion, the only thing that he felt was holding this ideal future back was the racial inequality that is still quite present to this day. Du Bois is under the impression that all art is propaganda, which seems somewhat ironic considering the fact that he is in a way speaking of his own personal form of propaganda.…show more content…
So under that logic all forms of art be it from a literary perspective or paint on canvas, all of it would be a form of propaganda that is being fed to masses under some secret agenda lead by the
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