Du Fu Poem Analysis

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The most influential Chinese poets, Du Fu, grew up motherless. Although he didn’t have a complete family, but he used this as the motivation in his poem. He had provided creditable poems by his early teens that had been widely spread through the nation. However, during his later years, he was suffering from illness, and financial problems that he needed to face by himself. Arthur Cooper, interested in Chinese Culture and history, translated Night Thoughts Afloat. It retained the original meaning that Du Fu wanted to express, use a variety of symbolism and imagery to create a quiet and loneliness mood. First of all, the first two stanzas are the setting of the story, it shows Du Fu’s location, which gives the reader a feeling of peace and loneliness.…show more content…
Official rank? “Retired for ill health.” ”(line 9-12), the mood swifts from loneliness into a distinct air of being indignant. From “where’s my name among the poets” and “official rank” we can clearly have an image of feeling anger and helpless. Moreover, we can notice Du Fu’s direct point of view is interesting, because he asks the reader’s personal opinion, which means his poem show the desire for understanding and his longing for a place in this chaotic world. From the line “ where’s my name among the poets? Retired for ill health”, reveals a slightly feeling of irony and deeper meaning from the appearance. Du Fu used parallelism to represent the willing to serve for the country. However, because of his illness, he was force to retire and watched the nation starting to corrupt. From the forth stanza “ Drifting, drifting. What am I more than A single gull between sky and earth?”(Line 13-16), the author uses symbolism to represent himself as the sea gull. The symbol of the gull emphasizes Du Fu’s isolation and indifference. Gulls are average birds just like fish that have been seen commonly throughout the country. They are easily been replaced by other species. The repeat of drifting brings up the reader’s attention to the question he asked. Du Fu continued mentioning the largeness of the nature by the setting of “between sky and earth”. Furthermore, the word single is another example that shows the
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