Dual Credit Classes In High School

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My parents always asked my brother, "How are you going to afford college with a McDonald 's salary?". College is expensive; every year we hear about the enormous amounts of loans college students will have at the end of the year. Due to this, society should encourage and keep allowing juniors and high school seniors to take Dual Credit classes in Pflugerville schools. Although scholarships and grants alleviate some of the costs, the amount of loans that students take out is very high; in 2010 "[student loan debt] outpaced credit card debt" (38). Student loan debt could be lower if high schools allow students to take Dual Credit classes. Because these classes help high schoolers obtain free college credit while they are still in high school,…show more content…
They suppose that the people students taking these classes will fail, causing them to retake the course again which wastes time and money. However, any student who wishes to take ACC classes in high school must complete and pass the Texas Success Initiative test, also known as the TSI. The TSI measures the students reading and writing ability, which demonstrates that the student has the ability to do well in college classes. It is then up to the student to be responsible, work hard, earn good grades, and continue in college classes. Anyone in Dual Credit Classes can pass; if the student slacks off and fails, it is their own fault. No matter when the college classes are taken, they will always be challenging. However taking these courses early on can be quite beneficial. Earning a degree is very rewarding both economically and socially. Those with a bachelor 's degree usually "earn twice as much as those who don 't"(36). People with degrees are also more likely to get hired in better paying jobs, and they usually work doing something they love. It can be emotionally rewarding, considering that their hard work will finally pay off. Dual Credit classes allow students to earn their degree(s) faster, which will increase this feeling of
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