Dual Enrollment English 111: Course Analysis

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The pain and agony due to the fact that I might not be prepared for college class was on my shoulders. Since day one of highschool, my biggest desire throughout school was to be engaged in learning while being well prepared for the next step in life: college. What class was the answer to this class desired? It was in a meeting with my guidance counselor in eighth grade that struck me and sparked the interest in my heart to do well. All of my highschool career I have never known what it actually meant to do well and be ¨successful.¨ The abstract idea occurred to me, in room 201, in the front row of Dual Enrollment English 111; this idea regarded what it means to be successful and obtain a good work ethic while producing a high quality essay. First of all, the biggest takeaway from Dual Enrollment English 111 was that it helped mold myself into the hard worker that everyone always talks about. Throughout much of highschool I have never really had to ¨try.¨ This happened to be a big issue being a senior about to enter college. DE English was the medication I needed. From the late night golf matches to crunching at the end of class was was the challenge I needed. I needed the drive, the perseverance, the will to be a successful writer as well as student. The biggest change in my life that this class…show more content…
I have seen immeasurable growth in my essay development as well as the ideas conveyed throughout my essay. The array of essays composed in the class has been very educational, and been very beneficial in preparation for college. The biggest contribution from the class DE 111, was every essay I turned in from start to finish was returned with a plethora of comments, noting places of improvement. I am very appreciative of the time my fantastic teacher takes to mark our essays with a careful hand, making my peers as well as myself the best writers
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