High School Senior Year Essay

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There is a “relationship found in rigorous high school course-load and success in postsecondary education” when the last year of high school is taken seriously to prepare for the future (Bailey et al. 9). Senior year is filled with many joys that students wait years for, but senior year also needs to prepare the students for life after high school. As students have worked diligently and have been fully committed, it is rewarding to finally make it to the special senior year. Seniors look forward to the football games, class seniority, prom, more freedom, and countless other activities. However fun it might be, the last year of high school is not fully preparing students for college or a career. The “traditional” senior year should be modified to fully equip and prepare high school seniors for the work force and higher level education. The best manner in which to accomplish this goal is to provide more dual classes, have a wide range of electives to choose from, and give students the opportunity to leave school to go to work. Seniors should have more…show more content…
These classes can be funded by the Tennessee Lottery to help the learning system. Dual enrollment in high school is the perfect way to go to college without having the cost of college. It helps because students do not have to pay for the class and in return students get money off from college. These classes are like earning free college credits. When students take more dual enrollment courses, it becomes trouble-free to enter into life after college because it gives “first-hand exposure to the requirements of college-level work while gaining high school and college credit simultaneously” (Bailey et al. 8). Students who have secured their future with classes before college are more likely to be prepared in college and going into the real world. Not only will educational classes help the students, but also a variety of elective

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