Dual Identity In Amy Tan's A Pair Of Tickets

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The story ‘A Pair of Tickets’ shows another kind of irony, which is the complications related to a ‘dual identity’. Amy Tan wrote this story based on some incidents of her real life. The problem of dual identity is very common in the people living away from their home countries. According to Sólyom, this can come in various ways. Sometimes, living in a different country, which is not their homeland and being detached from one’s own culture and people for a very long time make people estranged to their original roots. So when they return to their homelands, they have hard time getting along with the native people, cultures and traditions. Often, these ‘non-residents’ marry someone from other countries, and both the spouses experience troubles getting acquainted with their partners’ cultures and ways of living. Things get even more difficult for the non-residents’ children. Many of them are born and brought up in the foreign culture. These children actually live in two different environments - one at home that resemble the original cultures of their home country or their root, and one outside their homes (the culture and traditions of the country they are living in). So, when these children visit their actual homelands, they experience all the realities of dual identity. They are often confused about what to do and what not to do.

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