Dual Interaction In The Classroom

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Students spend their childhood and teenage hood, mostly in school. Their school days, mainly involve participating classes and teachers being their sources of knowledge and discussion maker. Students and teachers meet and spend every day almost 10 to 11 months the entire year together. Teachers hold the responsibility as their guardian during school hours. A good relationship enables the teachers and students to work together in teaching and learning environment. Provide that a better teaching and learning environment could enhanced through an understanding relationship between teacher and students and furthermore an effective communication enable to generate a good environment. Teachers are also required to approach a suitable learning skill…show more content…
Teachers should attempt dual interaction in the classroom. This interaction can practiced in a way of question and answer session, group discussion and many more ways. Through this, students given a chance to share their opinion and ideas, plus students able to gain and expand their knowledge. Further to this, teachers should help the student in providing them an extra explanation based on their opinion and positive feedback, which motivate the student to participate the in dual interaction in future. Although every school term, there are parents, student and teacher meeting, the teacher has to distribute rightful time for each student to discuss the student’s performance rather comparing or choosing selective students in communicating. Teachers should try to handle the student’s problem in a friendly manner. As a result, students turn to act responsive and respectful toward the teachers. Teachers also have to spend time demonstrate knowledge based on the student’s individual stage like student’s background, interest, emotional strength and academic…show more content…
School based assessment implementation could be present through the different manner such as, hand on education materials, involve students in preparing a presentation or assignment that requires them to relate to the outside world. In addition, teachers need to explain the objective of the course to the students. It helps the students to understand the requirement of the course and enable them to connect the academic studies in a new approach. Teaching using technologies also improves learning among the students. For example, presentation software like PowerPoint that enable to embed photographs, diagrams, videos and sound file to augment text and verbal lecture content. Creating a web page for the class whereby teacher post the announcement and teacher’s notes, a place where teachers and students could have virtual discussion and even links to the electronic digital resources for additional knowledge (University of Washington, 2016). Teachers also can give the group task of replacing individual task that encourage better communication among the

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