Dual Narrative In The Great Gatsby, By J. Anderson Coats

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J. Anderson Coats use of dual narratives definitely made this book more interesting I was able to better understand the characters, understand the history of the time. And the book itself. Although at bits it was confusing I think that overall the dual narrative was crucial to the story. The dual narrative helped me understand the difference between characters. It was easier to understand during Cecily's parts when Gwinny would call her a brat and she could say that because Gwinny wasn’t a rich entitled little girl who never had servants do everything for her. Because she had gone through a lot of tough times so during the book it really made you think about how lucky some people have it. The difference between characters really balance each other out and made the story more enjoyable. Through Cecily's part I was able to better understand where gwinny you was coming from…show more content…
Because each character was on completely different sides of the social scale, I could see what life was like back then from two different perspectives. Gwinny showed me how life was like being poor, she showed me all the hardships people had to face especially being a minority. Cecily showed me how life was being up high on the social ladder, also being financially stable. Having two ends of the spectrums during the book helped me better understand people's actions and the world going on around them. The dual narrative made more sense and it also put more action in it. I found that Cecily’s parts of the book were very conflictless and less challenging. I think that Gwinny’s parts were a lot more action packed, they were a bit more challenging. Both characters balanced out the story and made it more interesting. The book wouldn’t have been the least bit as challenging of read as it was without Gwinny’s perspective and the book would have been boring without gwinny’s part providing any

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